Class Style





Beginners  |   Introduction to Yoga

Whether you're new to yoga or have minimal experience, this class is a great way to explore the foundation of yoga. Classes will focus on postural foundation, alignment of the body, breathing techniques and linking the breath with the postures. Also a perfect yoga class for someone who has some yoga experience and wishes to deepen their practice and allow for consistent insight to the postures and breath.

Hatha Yoga  |  Dynamic Hatha

A strong but accessible physical practice with the intention of creating a moving meditation through focus on the breath, drishti (looking place) and bandhas (muscle locks), always leaving plenty of time for that all important savasana! Classes are welcoming, inclusive and friendly. Expect to sweat a little and leave feeling purified and more balanced in body and mind; helping you to experience your inner truth and in doing so create a balance within yourself. More postures are incorporated in Dynamic Hatha.

Pilates Matwork & Reformer

Suitable for beginners to experience students, both matwork and reformer classes are inspired by the movement technique "Contrology" created by Joseph Pilates.

Pilates targets the powerhouse muscles, which include the glutes, hips and lower back. Similar to Yoga The Pilates Method encourages deep, conscious breathing. Pilates is widely used in rehabilitation settings and in fitness based studios.